Coaching and Development

Developing internal capabilities is pivotal to achieving and sustaining enhanced asset management performance and driving continuous improvement. COSOL's tailored coaching and development programs help implement asset management best practices by growing the capabilities of operational teams.

In-person coaching and development

Enhance asset management performance through internal capability development.

Achieving and sustaining enhanced asset management performance is the key to driving continuous improvement within your organisation. It requires developing internal capabilities and building the necessary competencies throughout your workforce. To maximise value, best-practice asset management processes must be implemented organisation-wide, with a particular focus on the people who apply them.

Our Coaching and Development team is comprised of seasoned asset management professionals who possess a deep understanding of what constitutes best practice. We partner with asset-intensive organisations to assess the maturity of their asset management processes, including work management, shut management, and defect elimination, alongside evaluating the capabilities of the personnel and the systems they use.

Based on our assessment, we create strategic coaching and development plans that provide a clear vision and timeline for learning and development activities. These plans are tailored to each participant, considering factors such as time availability and preferred learning methods to ensure an optimal learning experience with minimal disruption to daily operations.

We prioritise contextual learning and adopt a structured approach to optimise coaching effectiveness and knowledge retention, as we understand that the sustainability of learning is paramount for long-lasting results. Therefore, we continuously adjust our coaching and development plans based on the specific needs of each organisation we work with.

Let us empower your teams to unlock their full potential, drive operational excellence and maximise the performance of your assets.


    We embed training, mentoring, coaching and support into every engagement, ensuring lasting learning outcomes.


    Training and development plans are customised to meet the unique needs, time availability and preferred learning methods of each participant.


    Organisations and participants can choose from online, face-to-face or virtual delivery methods to align with their timelines and objectives.


    Programs are delivered by specialist coaches with diverse industry backgrounds, real-world experience and in-depth knowledge.

Coaching and Development training session


Speak to our Coaching and Development team about how a flexible and tailored program can benefit your people and organisation.