Turn sustainability ambition into action with Envizi

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At a glance

  • Improving ESG performance has become a major priority for business and governments.
  • IBM's new Envizi Sustainability Suite can be combined with Maximo to provide a single integrated platform for managing ESG and optimising assets.
  • Asset-intensive organisations can automate data capture, track and report energy consumption, and monitor waste and recycling outputs with Envizi’s configurable dashboards.

Asset-intensive organisations can’t afford to delay taking action on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Not only are they under pressure to reduce waste and emissions by investors and society at large, regulations currently in place – and yet to come – require that they meet strict environmental conditions.  

IBM's Envizi Sustainability Suite is a single integrated platform for managing ESG performance.  When integrated with EAM platform Maximo, organisations can take a huge step towards achieving their ESG goals while further optimising their assets and operations.

Gain a single-source view of ESG

With Envizi, organisations can embed sustainability into their everyday operations by efficiently monitoring, reporting and benchmarking their ESG performance. Envizi captures data across operations at an enterprise level, then consolidates, analyses and manages that data. Information gleaned from up to 500 data types provides a single-source view of ESG performance.

Operational teams gain a holistic view of data via configurable dashboards that show emissions, waste and energy performance. With extensive information at their fingertips, they can further extend the life of their organisation’s critical assets, improve how assets are used and drive optimal asset replacement decisions.

Adopt Envizi to your needs

With Envizi, asset intensive organisations can get started on their ESG journey with as few as four foundational Envizi modules and then scale up as their business needs and ESG maturity grow.  

Check out our short video about IBM Envizi Sustainability Suite and the benefits of integrating with Maximo.

Benefits of Envizi+Maximo

Envizi integrates easily with Maximo to provide increased benefits to asset intensive organisations. Through additional insights available around energy consumption, waste and emissions, organisations can:

  • Extend the life of assets and drive optimal replacement decisions
  • Cut energy usage and waste by improving how or when assets are run, managed and maintained
  • Eliminate asset failures that could cause environmental incidents through continual monitoring of asset and energy insights
  • Drive improved sustainability performance by leveraging the combined insights from Maximo and Envizi.
  • Automate the feed of data from their entire asset portfolio into Envizi for ESG reporting.

Get started with Envizi

Visit our Envizi product page to learn about the features and how to get started on your ESG journey with Envizi and COSOL.