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COSOL Limited (ASX:COS) is a global provider of asset management solutions that spans across people, process, systems and data elements of asset management to drive quantifiable business improvements for asset intensive organisations.

Our specialist teams work collaboratively with clients from across the natural resources, energy, and water, infrastructure, government, and defence industries to help them achieve economic and sustainable improvements in their operations and supply chain.

Utilising our proprietary solutions, best-of-breed technologies and industry, technical and functional expertise, we provide an asset management capability that is vertically integrated, technology enabled and optimised for performance.  Drawing on this end-to-end capability, we are able to offer clients a complete outsourced solution for asset management - Asset Management as a Service.

COSOL Limited was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in 2020 and through operating entities COSOL Asia Pacific and COSOL Americas, we have been an established leader in our sector for over 22 years. Our global headquarters and COSOL Asia Pacific offices are located in Brisbane, Australia with additional offices in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. COSOL Americas is based in Denver, Colorado USA.

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