EZMaxSuite for Maximo

EZMaxSuite takes the full power of IBM Maximo to mobile operations and maintenance efficiencies by empowering teams from supervisors and planners to field technicians and vendor partners.
Female field technican in high-vis clothing and holding an ipad

The full power of IBM Maximo on mobile.

EZMaxSuite by InterPro is a range of software solutions built to bring the full functionality of IBM Maximo to a mobile app and help Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams do their jobs more efficiently and effectively while in the field.

The EZMaxSuite comprises the following applications that can be standalone or interoperable depending on the requirements of an organisation and their O&M process.

  • EZMaxRequest – used to initiate and track work requests
  • EZMaxPlanner – used to schedule work and plan events on mobile or desktop
  • EZMaxMobile – used by field technicians to execute and complete work orders
  • EZMaxVendor – used to manage external vendors.

The EZMaxSuite of applications are easily integrated with IBM Maximo. They bring the power and functionality of native Maximo into the hands of users via user-friendly interfaces, intuitive navigation and fast app responsiveness.

The applications have been specifically designed to improve the efficiency of the work O&M professionals do. They can communicate easily with their team regardless of where they are, plan or execute on work orders in real-time, and capture data that syncs directly back to Maximo.

From creating service requests, or planning and scheduling work orders, to managing vendor management, or completing work orders in the field, the EZMaxSuite of applications can be configured to suit an organisation’s unique needs and asset information ecosystem.


Streamlines service request management by enabling authorised community members to initiate a service request and track progress in real-time.


Enables planners and schedulers to easily manage and allocate work orders to individuals and teams in real-time using ‘drag and drop’ functionality.


Learn how your organisation can reduce planning and scheduling time by 90% using EZMaxPlanner's drag and drop functionality.
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Enables organisations to manage and communicate with external service providers in real-time making them an extension of their workforce.


Puts the power of Maximo in the hands of field crews to execute on work orders with real-time data capture and intuitive mobile functionality.


Organisations can empower field crews with reduced desktop screen time and increased, more efficient tool time in the field.
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