Unlocking asset potential globally

More than 150 clients in 20 countries have relied on us to successfully deliver over 500 programs of work across our Advisory Services, Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Data Management and Managed Services solutions.
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Solutions built on strong partnerships and leading platforms

Our point of difference is a unique combination of strong partnerships with leading solutions providers, deep technical and industry expertise, and advanced propriety solutions designed by the system integration experts at COSOL.
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We help our clients solve complex data problems

We have more than 20 years’ experience partnering with asset intensive organisations to reduce risk, improve efficiencies and lower operational costs.
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Insights from the experts in data migration

In this white paper we share our expertise and some of the lessons learned on the subject of data profiling and remediation in large scale digital transformation projects.
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Excellence in Ellipse 9 training and readiness

In this case study we outline our experience partnering with Urban Utilities to enhance and elevate their Ellipse upgrade training and readiness program – and demonstrate how we delivered an exciting virtual program during COVID-19.
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How we assist

Pragmatic, independent advice

The pace of digital transformation is leaving many organisations critically underprepared to minimise risk and manage asset opportunities within their business.

For asset intensive organisations, successfully navigating digital transformation projects requires an experienced and trusted partner. At COSOL, we’re experts at unlocking asset potential. Whether it be the opportunities in your existing asset management systems, your underutilised and undervalued data or your physical assets, we thrive on complex asset management challenges.

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Enabling EAM foundations

Optimising asset performance is critical for asset intensive organisations. The results of improved Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategy are tangible while the risk if not correctly designed and implemented is significant. Asset performance, budgetary limits, regulatory requirements, operational need, safety profile and environmental risk are just some of the considerations. It’s complex!

Our EAM services are suitable for clients who are in need of a partner to successfully deliver on their long-term EAM plans.

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Elevated Enterprise Data Management solutions

While most organisations recognise data as business-critical – and mismanaged data therefore as lost opportunity – many grapple with the issue of managing data as a strategic business asset.

Low quality and lost data, lack of integration, insufficient or ineffective security and an inability to share and suitably use that data are just some of the many challenges you may be facing.

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Tailored managed services to meet the demands of asset intensive industries

Keeping up to date with evolving technologies is a challenge for most businesses. For asset intensive organisations it can be the difference between a successful or less than stellar performance. It’s a mission critical, high stakes environment.

At COSOL we understand the complexity in your business environment. Whether it be an isolated mine site without internet connectivity or the most sophisticated remote operations center, we understand the risks, the challenges and the business improvement opportunities that are unique to asset intensive organisations.

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“We trusted COSOL to get this unusually complex project delivered, and have been consistently pleased throughout to see you continue to deliver every step of the way. I am certain that CleanCo’s journey to migrate our data from Stanwell and CS Energy would have been more stressful without COSOL. The positivity that COSOL has brought to this project has without a doubt contributed to not only successful delivery, but importantly to the mental wellbeing of everyone involved in this difficult undertaking.”

Graham Yerbury
General Manager – Performance, Risk & Finance, CleanCo Queensland

“We engaged COSOL to scope and deliver the training, documentation and supporting activities for our Ellipse 9 upgrade. The team were highly professional, and we have received excellent feedback about them from across the business.”

Michael Flynn
Project Manager, Stanwell Corporation

“COSOL really know Ellipse training! They worked with us to ensure best practice implementation bespoke to needs of our business, our users, our culture and how we use Ellipse here. The level of professionalism demonstrated by the team early on meant that I could leave the training piece and focus myself on the more technical areas of the project.”

Rob McLean
ERP Project ITC Manager, Stanwell Corporation

“We engaged COSOL to provide us with a carbon emission assessment. It helped us to understand the National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting (NGER) requirements for 2008/9 and we now know where we stand in relation to the current reporting thresholds, and we are pleased that our carbon emissions are below the 25 mtpa threshold.”

Peter Giddy
CEO, Challenge Dairy Cooperative

“QN knew it could rely on COSOL’s experience in M&A transitioning, deep knowledge of the mining industry, experience in IT transitions and delivering SAP implementations.”

Basil Ahyick
Chief Financial Officer, Queensland Nickel

“COSOL visited our site to deliver Ellipse 9 training for my team. My initial concerns about death-by-PowerPoint vanished within the first minute. Software training isn’t always the most exciting thing, but the trainers managed to keep it interesting and relevant for my site staff, with activities to help them get the hang of it and an injection of humour here and there to keep us on our toes.”

Justin Ryan
Maintenance and Site Services Superintendent, Stanwell Corporation

“I would like to congratulate you on a most professional evaluation and presentation. I will be most happy to continue doing business with you.”

Doug Munro
Engineering Manager, Ensham Resources

“COSOL provide a degree of flexibility that stood them apart for us. Not only did they bring a wealth of Rio Tinto system knowledge, but we were able to work closely with them to deliver a strategic direction for the new business.”

Gavin Bills
General Manager, IS&T Pacific Aluminium

“The COSOL team was just part of the BMA project team. The interaction was seamless and value added during the project was obvious. At the end of the day it was the quality of COSOL individuals that made a difference.”

Tony Schuck
Maintenance Development Engineer, Blackwater Mine

“Having our support documentation updated to Ellipse 9, developed into a consistent look and feel, and available for all staff both via the intranet, and excitingly, now integrated as part of the Ellipse in-built business process models, is a real boon for supporting users and driving consistency across sites.”

Rob Treloar
Maintenance Management Specialist, Stanwell Corporation


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