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  • With technology vendors such as IBM and Hitachi Ellipse reengineering their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platforms, asset-intensive organisations need to plan their transition to the next generation of EAM solutions as a matter of priority.
  • New solutions for EAM, such as fully managed 'Software as a Service', offers organisations the opportunity to streamline and unify their operations.
  • COSOL's technical, functional and industry expertise makes us a trusted partner to asset intensive orgnisations who recognise the need for EAM change.

Re-architecting your enterprise asset management information systems is a critical and complex undertaking - but also high-risk. COSOL has the technical, functional, and asset-intensive industry expertise to advise your organisation and deliver a successful outcome.

Leaders in asset-intensive organisations need to be aware of signs it’s time to reassess the technology solutions they used to manage their critical assets and maintenance operations.

Vendor technologies reaching the end of support, incumbent systems that no longer meet business needs and the availability of solutions with new or advanced features that can better support asset operations management are all indicators that it’s time for major change within your EAM or ERP system environments.

Updating your critical business systems presents huge opportunities to streamline and unify your operations, harness the benefits of a ‘Software as a Service’ solution, and maximise new capabilities in next generation asset management systems.

With IBM soon to retire support for its Maximo 7.6.1.x (and under) EAM platform, which is being superseded by the new IBM Maximo Application Suite (IBM MAS), and other vendors re-engineering their EAM or ERP solutions, now is the time to make fundamental decisions about how to plan and execute an EAM/ERP solution best suited to your business objectives and asset management goals.

With COSOL’s technical, functional, and industry expertise, we can enable your organisation to optimise performance across the people, process, systems, and data elements of asset management when you undertake major change in your critical systems.

Transition to IBM Maximo Application Suite with COSOL

As EAM implementation specialists, COSOL has extensive capabilities in IBM MAS, SAP, Hitachi Ellipse, and Esri’s GIS technologies. We combine an understanding of how EAM, ERP, and data systems integrate to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce downtime and costs.

Asset-intensive organisations that have EAM solutions built on industry-leading IBM Maximo must now prioritise planning for the transition to IBM’s next-generation Maximo Application Suite and especially Manage - the replacement module for IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x. One of the main advantages offered by IBM MAS is that it can seamlessly integrate with your organisation’s existing ERP and other critical systems that make up your asset information ecosystem. Developing a plan for how IBM MAS can be embedded in your systems architecture for maximum benefit is how COSOL offers significant value to its customers.

COSOL enables organisations to deliver on their asset management strategy by developing an Asset Information Ecosystem Roadmap tailored to the orgnaisations individual needs and goals. These comprehensive roadmaps developed in collaboration with key stakeholders, provide clarity of vision and establish a strategic approach to collecting, managing, and reporting on asset information through systems and technologies, and institute an overall governance approach.

COSOL takes its customers through three stages in the development of a roadmap:

  • A Current State Assessment – We investigate your organisation’s current asset information ecosystem performance with a view to where improvements can be made.
  • Stakeholder Workshops – We conduct a series of workshops with stakeholders to determine continuous improvement delivery timelines and align key deliverables with corporate strategies.
  • Improvement Roadmap Documentation – We deliver an Asset Information Ecosystem Roadmap report that outlines a common plan and actionable initiatives for asset management information system development that can be communicated across the entire organisation.

Once the roadmap is accepted and embedded in your organisation’s thinking, it can be used as the foundation for the delivery of a Continuous Improvement Delivery program.

Above: A roadmap helps an organisation go from where they are in their asset management maturity journey to where they want to be by establishing a strategic approach.

Effective asset management with EAMaaS

When IBM MAS is utilised as part of an Enterprise Asset Management as a Service (EAMaaS) solution, your organisation never has to think about the underlying technical design or essential system maintenance.

An EAMaaS solution actively managed by COSOL enables your organisation to build an EAM ecosystem, bringing together your EAM solution with related technologies including ERP, GIS, mobility, digital engineering, and technical drawing management.

COSOL provides round-the-clock Application Managed Support and takes responsibility for software patching, security, backups, and subscription licensing, freeing up your asset management specialists and field teams to focus on their core competencies. Our EAMaaS solution delivers lower cost of entry, reduced ongoing costs, immediately accessible applications, and assures the reliability and performance of your EAM solution.

A COSOL-designed-and-developed EAMaaS solution built on the next-generation IBM MAS unlocks key new features and capabilities to facilitate your organisation’s journey to a predictive maintenance state and optimal asset performance:

  • Nine scalable IBM Maximo Application Suite modules, including Manage (Maximo), Monitor, Health, and Predict
  • Simple and flexible licensing with IBM AppPoints (a single entitlement covers the entire suite of applications)
  • New operational, scheduling, and dispatching dashboard interfaces that aggregate critical information and provide holistic views of scheduling and maintenance issues
  • Specialist managed support 24/7 every day of the year to assist you with system bugs and platform availability issues.

For organisation wanting to move to IBM MAS and EAMaaS, COSOL’s two-stage implementation process prioritises your organisation’s move to IBM MAS first before transitioning your enterprise asset management system to a fully managed EAM as a Service solution, thereby reducing risks and disruptions to business operations.

EAMaaS in Sydney's WestConnex network

COSOL worked with customer Fulton Hogan Egis O&M (FHEOM) to deploy an IBM Maximo-based Enterprise Asset Management as a Service solution to enable operation and maintenance services for the tunnels and motorways that make up Sydney, Australia's vast and complex WestConnex road network.

WestConnex COSOL Fulton Hogan Egis O&M used COSOL’s enterprise-grade EAMaaS solution to reduce risks associated with security, disaster recovery, and availability.

As well as transitioning data on locations, assets, meters, job plans, and planned maintenance schedules, the solution allowed FHEOM to automate asset performance reporting, implement mobile (paperless) inspections, and take advantage of a customised Application Managed Support program delivered by COSOL.

The integrated asset information ecosystem approach developed for FHEOM by COSOL meant it could scale as parts of the project moved into ‘Operate’ and ‘Maintain’ phases. It also meant FHEOM could extend its EAM operations to support emerging capabilities.

Improved maintenance and schedule prediction for Linx

Since 2017 COSOL has worked with Linx, Australia and New Zealand’s leading diversified logistics infrastructure and solutions provider, and its associated businesses, to deliver Asset Management Information Systems (AMIS) solutions and continual improvements to its asset management processes and systems.

Linx COSOL transitioned Linx’s on-premises EAM platform to IBM Maximo and identified asset management remediation and improvement opportunities by delivering an Optimisation Roadmap.

This was backed up by COSOL’s Application Managed Support, an ITIL-aligned technical support service that helps organisations achieve and maintain a high-performing asset information ecosystem. Application Managed Support for EAMaaS is provides 24/7/365 support to ensure critical systems are continuously available and always up-to-date.

The outcomes for Linx have been improved maintenance and schedule prediction, and faster and more efficient processes based on comprehensive asset data.

The enterprise asset management integration experts

With IBM and other technology vendors set to retire mainstream support for their current EAM platforms, and major new features and capabilities available in next-generation solutions such as IBM MAS, the time is ripe for asset-intensive organisations to re-architect their enterprise systems.

It’s crucial that your organisation plan and execute any EAM/ERP transition effectively. An investment in preparing for that transition now will ensure your organisation has the tools it needs to meet current and forecast needs.

COSOL has the skills and expertise you can rely on to tackle change with confidence. With our tried and tested processes for identifying system strengths and weaknesses, and our expert approach to identifying future enterprise asset needs, we can help your organisation embrace change and create a competitive advantage.

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