Is data quality a handbrake on your business?

The state of your data will ultimately determine the cost and success of your strategic projects.

Whether you’re thinking of upgrading, migrating to a new vendor, or haven’t yet considered the state of your Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) data, set yourself up for success with an independent Data Quality Assessment.

Leading organisations practice data-driven decision-making. COSOL are the independent, solution-agnostic enterprise data experts, and we can help you with a clear picture of where you are now, as well as the steps you need to take to move forward.

Like a report card for your data

Remediate to reduce risk and costs
Don’t wait to remediate
  • Tackling data quality issues before your project starts reduces risk and cost.
  • Remediating data during an upgrade or migration introduces unknowns and complexities.
  • Building your organisation’s data competency will pay dividends long after the project finishes.
Rely on higher quality data
Can you rely on your data?
  • Do you struggle with timely access to reliable data?
  • Do you trust it when you get it?
  • Are you concerned about business risk and accurate reporting?
  • Is your IT organisation going to fix it?
  • Or does the solution need to be driven from the business?
get an independent assessment from COSOL
How big is the problem?
  • A COSOL Data Quality Assessment is an independent assessment of your data.
  • It’s like a report card that tells you what needs attention and what you should do about it.
  • It contains everything you need for your business case to move forward.

What one of our global mining clients had to say about their COSOL Data Quality Assessment

“COSOL’s assessment gave us a clear understanding of the data within our legacy SAP ECC6 system – and provided new insight into the level of effort required to cleanse and migrate our data to comply with global operating standards, and potential conversion to S/4 HANA.”


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