Data-driven capital decision making
Unlike other heavy asset industries where productivity and operational efficiencies are the key drivers for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) platforms, the public infrastructure sector requires a completely different asset management perspective. The ability to understand accurate lifecycle position enabling maintenance strategy optimisation is critical in making informed capital decisions. A critical capability that digital infrastructure providers need is the ability to continually assess and reassess simulations and permutations of risk appetite, budget and project viability.
For example:
  • For a given level of (acceptable) risk, what is the minimum budget required? What is the impact of budget reduction on risk exposure?
  • For a given budget, what is the optimal set of projects to execute? What is the optimal sequence of project execution within a given portfolio? How does the level of risk exposure evolve over time, by risk category, for a given portfolio of projects?
  • For a given project, what is the best alternative?

Successfully navigating this environment requires an experienced and trusted partner. At COSOL, we’re experts at unlocking asset potential. Whether it be the opportunities in your existing asset management systems, your underutilised and undervalued data or the digital representation of your physical assets, we thrive on complex asset management challenges.

Our deep experience in the infrastructure sector means we understand the different challenges and risks you face across the asset lifecycle. And we can help you uncover the opportunities to operate more efficiently and effectively to lower your operational costs.

We develop and deliver tailored solutions that scale up and down depending on the need for your organisation and project. We combine this with specific IT expertise such as SAP and Ellipse, and industry experience with government and private sector organisations providing large scale infrastructure and services.

How will you address the challenges and opportunities in your business?

Talk to our specialists about partnering with COSOL to reduce risk, improve efficiencies and lower operational costs in your organisation. Find out more about how we can assist with Advisory Services, Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Data Management Services and Managed Services.

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