From Abu Dhabi to outback Queensland, 48% of Clarita's service delivery team have experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

Today’s oil and gas companies are on a quest for operational excellence to improve safety, reliability and compliance while controlling costs and making better operational decisions. Success depends on a number of factors, which include how well they manage physical assets and human capital, how well they use operational intelligence, and how they make use of available data and information.

In addition to grappling with managing the unique attributes of linear assets, operators are increasingly challenged to:

  • Improve asset analysis
  • Respond to complex supply chain demand
  • Plan shutdowns effectively
  • Facilitate compliance
  • Coordinate continuous improvement

They’re responding quickly by enhancing their core work processes with new technologies that help them reduce costs, improve operations, and become safer and more secure. These include analytics, mobility and IoT capabilities that connect processes, people and assets in new ways.

  • Best Practice

    Supports oil and gas best practices to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

  • Standardisation

    Support standardisation, convergence and collaboration to boost operational intelligence and achieve operational excellence.

  • Safety

    Help improve safety and reliability while controlling costs

  • Knowledge Management

    Enables the capture, distribution and institutionalisation of organisational knowledge.


InfographicWho in the world uses Maximo?

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