For clean data that is accurate, easier to use and drives more effective reporting and decision making

Better processes, accuracy and auditability
  • Easy to use Excel app compared to multiple screen touches in Ellipse
  • Faster and more efficient due to single pane of glass
  • Built in logic does not allow you to load bad or inaccurate data
Data-driven business improvement
  • Make the most of your Ellipse investment
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies
  • Simplify and streamline master data management in Ellipse
  • Make better data-based decisions and reduce risk of data errors
Ellipse expertise you can rely on
  • COSOL is the largest Ellipse practice globally – you’ll be in great company
  • COSOL have more than 20 years’ experience in Ellipse practice
  • COSOL AddOns Solutions developed on the back of extensive Ellipse usage

Bulk Data Management

Simplify and streamline your Ellipse bulk data management activities

COSOL’s Bulk Data Management (BDM) AddOn is an Excel-based, intuitive and configurable user interface enabling you to easily and accurately manage master data in Ellipse.

Developed through years of Ellipse usage, the COSOL BDM AddOn is indispensable in addressing data cleansing and organisation tasks, enabling you to more easily and efficiently update, modify and cleanse any number of stock codes, suppliers, assets and more.

The COSOL BDM AddOn is ideal for:

  • Loading new stock codes, suppliers, equipment, etc. into Ellipse
  • Cleaning up historical data
  • Realigning data to support new code values
  • Transferring stock codes and stock on hand to a new warehouse
  • Correcting large numbers of financial transactions
  • Entering receipts for bulk shipments
  • Updating banking details for suppliers.


Journal Management Utility

The easiest way to accurately and efficiently create journals in Ellipse

COSOL’s Journal Management Utility (JMU) AddOn guides your finance team through the precise process of creating, posting and looking up journals from a single Excel-based application eliminating swivel chair inefficiencies and drastically reducing end of month processes.

The COSOL JMU AddOn manages journal processes from start to finish, leveraging core Ellipse components to facilitate the load of journals into Ellipse and ensuring the accuracy and auditability of your financials.

The COSOL JMU feature set includes:

  • Intuitive user-interface leveraging Excel functions
  • Custom journal numbering scheme
  • Dynamic real-time validation of journal attributes
  • Custom lookups for accounts and supporting journal data (work orders, projects, etc.)
  • Support to save a journal for recurring use
  • Full support for different journal types (inter-district, accruals and foreign currency)
  • Request posting of a single journal within the application.



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