Redeye DMS and Maximo

Single source of truth for asset data and artefacts

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At a glance

  • RedEye is an engineering drawing and data management solution 
  • COSOL's integration between IBM Maximo and RedEye delivers seamless access to drawings from the asset record
  • Access asset documents, drawings and media anywhere for improved visibility and control

Establishing a 'single point of truth' for asset data is often one of the primary drivers for asset information system investments. While we might do a great job building out the asset register and recording maintenance history, how often does that single point of truth include engineering drawings, performance specifications, repair manuals or even photos or videos demonstrating maintenance procedures?

Rich content doesn't always find its way into enterprise asset management systems, making the goal of single point of truth over more elusive and highlighting the need for tighter interoperability between multiple technology stacks. 

RedEye is an asset data and engineering drawing management solution that enables people to readily access the right version of engineering content within the context of their work. COSOL has delivered a new integration between IBM Maximo and RedEye DMS allowing users to tap into a variety of asset artefacts, including associated engineering drawings, documents and media, directly from the asset record, location or work order.

Setting new standards in asset management

Our vision with the Maximo and RedEye integration is to provide unparalleled operational oversight of critical infrastructure asset data, for improved visibility and control.

  • Improve productivity
    Save time by staying in the system you know, to access the asset documents, drawings and media you need - from anywhere and any device.
  • A secure, integrated digital ecosystem
    Not only does RedEye integrate with Maximo, but it complements and extends DMS functionality into your existing ERP, GIS, safety and other core business systems.
  • Expert implementation advice
    As an IBM Maximo Asset Management Gold accredited partner, COSOL can support your organisation to identify and implement best practice asset management.

Next-gen digital asset management

Learn how RedEye DMS, IBM Maximo and COSOL create a single source of truth for asset data and artefacts.