Advisory Services

Pragmatic, independent advice

The pace of digital transformation is leaving many organisations critically underprepared to minimise risk and manage asset opportunities within their business.

For asset intensive organisations, successfully navigating digital transformation projects requires an experienced and trusted partner. At COSOL, we’re experts at unlocking asset potential. Whether it be the opportunities in your existing asset management systems, your underutilised and undervalued data or your physical assets, we thrive on complex asset management challenges.

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Enterprise Asset Management Services

Enabling EAM foundations

Optimising asset performance is critical for asset intensive organisations. The results of improved Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategy are tangible while the risk if not correctly designed and implemented is significant. Asset performance, budgetary limits, regulatory requirements, operational need, safety profile and environmental risk are just some of the considerations. It’s complex!

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Enterprise Data Management Services

Elevated Enterprise Data Management solutions

While most organisations recognise data as business-critical – and mismanaged data therefore as lost opportunity – many grapple with the issue of managing data as a strategic business asset.
Low quality and lost data, lack of integration, insufficient or ineffective security and an inability to share and suitably use that data are just some of the many challenges you may be facing.

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Managed Services

Tailored managed services to meet the demands of asset intensive industries

Keeping up to date with evolving technologies is a challenge for most businesses. For asset intensive organisations it can be the difference between a successful or less than stellar performance. It’s a mission critical, high stakes environment.
At COSOL we understand the complexity in your business environment. Whether it be an isolated mine site without internet connectivity or the most sophisticated remote operations center, we understand the risks, the challenges and the business improvement opportunities that are unique to asset intensive organisations.

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