Hitachi Energy and COSOL partner to upgrade Prony Resources ERP/EAM system on time and on budget

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Hitachi Energy and COSOL announced a strategic partnership for the delivery of Professional Services in Asia Pacific in July 2021. Both parties are pleased to celebrate the first major project delivered as part of this partnership to the benefit of Prony Resources.

Prony Resources (formerly Goro Nickel and Vale) mitigate the risk of an unsupported Ellipse 5 platform by upgrading to the latest Ellipse 9 platform as part of the organisation’s Business and Continuous Improvement program.

Not only did the program mitigate a significant risk, it also introduced new functionality that adds more value to the business and it readies Prony Resources for the next step into Lumada.

The seven-month project was led by Hitachi Energy who engaged COSOL to provide the expertise across the Materials Management, Asset and Works Management and Finance functions. COSOL also provided the custom development expertise to maintain existing business and statutory requirements as well as the technical expertise to transition the business to new infrastructure,

COSOL worked closely with Hitachi Energy Project Manager, Vince Zoricic and the Prony business team, who primarily speak French as their first language, to deliver a scope of work that included:

  • A review of the existing legacy Ellipse 5 system and associated data
  • A review and assessment of the customisations and integrations in the Prony enterprise
  • The transition of data and requested custom software with integration points to support the Prony operational requirements in the Ellipse 9 software
  • Infrastructure build and data conversion cycles in preparation for go-live
  • Key user training
  • User acceptance testing support
  • Go-live implementation services and post-go-live support (both onsite and remote), and
  • Extended client-requested enhancements.

As the largest Hitachi Energy Ellipse service provider in the region with an experienced team of approximately 50 functional and technical consultants, COSOL was uniquely positioned to support this project, scaling up and down throughout the project to meet the requirements during each phase.

COSOL said, “The partnership with Hitachi Energy has gone from strength to strength since it’s inception in July of last year. We have just successfully concluded a seven-month project, a mere eight months after we announced the partnership. It proves what we both intrinsically knew – that by leveraging our respective strengths, the clients will get greater value from their investments. We truly believe that Hitachi Energy and COSOL are stronger when working together for the common good of the client, and we are investing heavily in the Hitachi Energy Lumada roadmap to ensure we remain at the forefront of helping clients transition their Enterprise Asset Management Systems to the new world that Hitachi Energy is mapping out.”

The Prony mine, located in New Caledonia, contributes to the global industrial revolution of sustainable mobility by providing the nickel and cobalt that the batteries of the most efficient electric vehicles in the world need. The mine consists of one mine covering 1,900 hectares, a hydrometallurgical plant and a wet residue storage plant to complete its operations. The solution is based on an Azure SaaS platform, utilising Ellipse Maintenance, Materials, and Finance functionality, together with Ellipse Analytics as the key tools in the management of the mine’s operations.