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COSOL announces its newest partnership agreement with Dassault Systèmes Quintiq

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COSOL Asia Pacific and Dassault Systèmes Quintiq (Quintiq) have signed a systems integrator alliance agreement to help clients model, plan and optimise end to end business operations.

COSOL and Quintiq share a common goal to drive efficiencies and deliver quantifiable business improvements for our customers and the finalisation of the partnership secures COSOL’s position as a significant provider of Quintiq resources in Australia.

COSOL is known for its unique combination of strong partnerships with leading solutions providers and deep technical and industry expertise. The new partnership with Quintiq is therefore expected to deliver high value benefits for Quintiq-COSOL clients across the value chain.

The intersect between COSOL and Quintiq asset-intensive clients across the globe includes organisations such as Glencore Coal Assets Australia, Rio Tinto, BHP, Queensland Rail, and Sydney Trains.

“We have seen the Quintiq platform deliver significant benefits in mining logistics; particularly through increasing operational efficiency, improving resource utilisation and reducing costs. This partnership with Dassault Systèmes broadens our service offering and allows us to continue to drive quantifiable business improvements through the enhanced use of data and data analytics,” said COSOL Asia Pacific Chief Operating Officer, Garry Tuckwell.

Quintiq provides solutions to model, plan and optimize business operations from end to end, including predictive and prescriptive data analytics, forecasting, what-if scenario planning, collaborative decision-making, disruption handling, and production scheduling.

COSOL has more than 20 years’ experience supporting organisations to drive quantifiable business improvements through the enhanced use of data and data analytics.