Maximo and 3D Building Information Modelling

Benefits and barriers of BIM for Operations and Maintenance

In this 30 minute video presentation, COSOL's Principal Solution Architect, David Lestani addresses the advantages and difficulties of using Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Maintenance and Operations (O&M).

He explains how BIM has proven effective in Design and Construction but frequently falters once construction is finished. David points out some of the common obstacles that prevent BIM from being used in O&M, including unclear contracts and a lack of awareness of O&M use cases for BIM.

David provides insights into four ways that BIM can help O&M including:

  • automates the process of creating the asset register;
  • enhances coordination and planning for maintenance;
  • provides guidance when deciding whether to replace or repair an asset; and
  • provides insight into the performance of the asset.

David offers BIM implementation guidelines for organisations, including the use of a digital engineering approach and ensuring BIM standards are included in contracts, and he concludes with how BIM can aid in the creation of a digital twin.

This video presentation was recorded at the Maximo Solutions User Group webinar hosted by Projetech.

David Lestani

Presenter - David Lestani

David has over 20 years asset management experience and over 12 years Maximo integration expertise with a focus on mapping and visualisation.

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