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The pace of digital transformation is leaving many organisations critically underprepared to minimise risk and manage asset opportunities within their business.

For asset intensive organisations, successfully navigating digital transformation projects requires an experienced and trusted partner. At COSOL, we’re experts at unlocking asset potential. Whether it be the opportunities in your existing asset management systems, your underutilised and undervalued data or your physical assets, we thrive on complex asset management challenges.

Our specialists have a valuable combination of asset intensive industry experience and technology systems expertise. This combination enables us to strategically plan, design, deliver and optimise operational systems and enterprise systems, continually optimise business processes and efficiently solve the most complex issues.

As we experience and overcome new challenges presented by evolving technology and changing business landscapes, our permanent teams of consultants maintain this experience, taking key learnings from each valuable project into the next.

It is this practical experience, combined with a pragmatic and impartial approach, that enables us to identify and implement the most effective, long-term solutions using contemporary information technology to meet our clients’ business objectives.

Our approach to Advisory Services is to provide the maximum flexibility for our customers. Based on an initial meeting to discuss the issue or area requiring clarification or direction, we will provide a straightforward Statement of Work (SOW) which will outline our approach and outcomes. We will then provide the most appropriate senior specialists to engage and deliver the outcomes.

Our Advisory Services include:

Strategy and technology review

Our strategic technology review service is available for customers when their existing strategy require review or re-alignment to their business plan. This process is conducted in consultation with senior personnel and provides a practical and informed review of system capabilities to enhance long-term competitiveness.

Strategy and technology planning

Strategic design is crucial to create the foundation for successful development from a greenfield project into an operational business. Our advisory services are available to clients who do not yet have a strategic IT leader as part of their leadership team or require an independent experienced ‘sounding board’ to ensure the optimum outcome for the client. In this role, we can assist with the establishment of governance and internal control structures, early alignment of IT plans with strategic business plans, independently evaluating solutions and products and provide executive management advice during this critical process.

Technology blueprinting

Enterprise resource planning and operational systems technology blueprinting provides independent recommendations to our customers to deliver a total technology framework. Technology blueprinting includes an outline of the software products required to complete operational systems and provides a fully integrated road map for the most effective ramp up process for software adoption and implementation. During this key phase, we ensure that appropriate consideration is given to systems, people and processes by developing a system architecture that maximizes performance and data integration and has a high level of user acceptance through ease of use applications.


We also provide periodic and targeted industry benchmarking studies. This service has been designed to provide tangible insight across a select industry peer group allowing like-minded organisations to understand how their digital / ICT business units compare to others as well as to share perspectives. Benchmarking participants are provided with peer comparison reports and invited to round table discussions to meet and discuss practical challenges that they are facing.

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