COSOL Copernicus

Rapid EAM / ERP deployment and reduced capital expenditure for mining organisations

COSOL Copernicus pre-integrated solutions shorten the time required for you to be up and running with an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, supporting your core day-to-day processes.

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For clean data that is accurate, easier to use and drives more effective reporting and decision making

COSOL AddOns for Ellipse is a set of business productivity tools to simplify and speed bulk data management activities. Improve your processes, accuracy and auditability with COSOL AddOns for Ellipse.

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A flexible solution for measuring data quality, migrating data from disparate systems and vaulting legacy data

COSOL RPConnect® streamlines data profiling and remediation, simplifies the data migration process and enables discrete data migration, providing the glue to integrate end-to-end business processes, strengthen digital capability and mitigate future risks and costs.

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COSOL Evergreen

Reduce the complexity and disruption of Ellipse upgrades with COSOL Evergreen

COSOL Evergreen provides faster access to all the Ellipse features, with less disruption and at a predictable costCOSOL Evergreen is a proven, low-risk solution that reduces the complexity and disruption of upgrading your Ellipse ERP system.

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