Enabling EAM foundations

Optimising asset performance is critical for asset intensive organisations. The results of improved Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) strategy are tangible while the risk if not correctly designed and implemented is significant. Asset performance, budgetary limits, regulatory requirements, operational need, safety profile and environmental risk are just some of the considerations. It’s complex!

Our EAM services are suitable for clients who are in need of a partner to successfully deliver on their long-term EAM plans.

Our specialists understand and can solve the challenges faced by operations expanding beyond the capabilities of their current enterprise solution. We are experienced in the multi-vendor enterprise systems commonly deployed throughout the life of business process.

Our vendor independence, extensive experience in EAM platforms such as IBM Maximo, Ellipse, SAP and IFS, and our asset intensive industry business knowledge places us in the unique position of being able to develop and implement innovative and creative solutions to achieve the desired outcomes to industry best-practice standards.

Our structured and systematic approach to delivery ensures a smooth and timely transition as systems are implemented or upgraded.

Another major risk when consolidating or upgrading systems is the most critical asset in any digital organisation – enterprise data. COSOL are experts in Enterprise Data Asset Management.

How can we help?

Talk to our specialists about partnering with COSOL to reduce risk, improve efficiencies and lower operational costs in your organisation.


Design and implement
• Project management
• Requirements gathering and solution design
• Blueprinting
• ‘To be’ business case development
• Installation
• Configuration
• Data migration
• User training
Data-driven, cross-functional EAM improvement programmes
• Chart of account redesign/restructure
• Accounts payable automation
• Security and segregation of duties management
• Bulk raw material input optimisation
• Catalogue and inventory optimisation
• Warehouse optimisation
• Maintenance materials consumption and planning
• Supplier performance, logistics, contracts and procurement
Support and sustain
• Managed services
• Technical system administration
• Functional support
• EAM as a service
• Continuous system improvement
• Configuration analysis
• System enhancement and customisations RICEF (Reports, Interfaces, Conversion, Enhancements, Forms)
• Development
• Data governance
• Data management

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